Bystre ski

The ski slope offers two slopes. Beginner skiers or children can use the blue piste, approximately 400 m long, and more advanced skiers can use the red piste with FIS approval, approximately 800 m long.omologacją FIS o długości ok. 800 m.


Conditions on the slopeovercast clouds


Ski & snowboard

The illuminated slope is located on the southern face of Mount Dzidowa. It is 713 m above sea level and is located on the border of the Ciśniańsko-Wetliński Landscape Park. From its top there is a beautiful view of the surrounding area, and when visibility is good, you can see the glider in Bezmiechowa or the road serpentines to the Słonne Mountains at night.

  • Two slopes

  • Equipment rental

  • Skier's bar

  • Instructors


    Bystre Ski Resort

    The plate lift is located 50 m from our resort. Our "Niedźwiedzia Lair" operates under the ski lift - an atmospheric bar with a fireplace, where you can warm up, rest and eat something. The menu includes, among others: local snacks, aromatic coffee, mulled wine, tea or hot chocolate.

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